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Matthew Mott

Keep IT simple.



In 2006, I decided that it was time for a fresh approach to helping families, micro and small businesses with their information technology issues. Too often, smaller businesses have to settle on "home" grade solutions but could benefit from the features, stability, and performance of "large business" grade solutions that often come with a hefty price tag. I specialize in finding like-minded developers and vendors to offer "large business" grade solutions at a small business' budget. I am a small business too!

I am experienced with Linux (Ubuntu is my favourite), Apple and Microsoft mobile, desktop and server operating systems as well as their productivity applications. I also happen to be familiar with common markup, scripting and programming languages.

I am a Barracuda MSP Partner, a registered Avast Authorized Reseller and a Netgate/pfSense partner. While my services focus on your core information technology infrastructure, I work with local businesses who each excell in their chosen trade. My frequent partners include OT Group, KOS, Phone Works, TDL Canada, Revue Design, D2 Wireless and Recovery Force. Favoured products come from Lenovo, Kyocera, Canon, Ubiquiti and APC.

I especially enjoy utilizing Free and Open Source alternatives like Mozilla Firefox, Thunderbird, Zimbra, VirtualBox, LibreOffice and Bitwarden to offer stable, feature rich solutions to my clients.

I pride myself on offering excellent service at affordable rates with an absolute guarantee of satisfaction. I believe that there is still something to an in-person meeting and a handshake!


I can help with all of the typical work that other shops offer at comparable rates. No issue is too small.

If you need on-going help, consider my Pre-Paid Service option. Better still, you may benefit from my Managed IT agreements. Both options allow you to budget for your information technology needs, receive priority service and guarantee quick response times.

It is not always effective to perform the required work onsite. I can typically arrange to pick-up, deliver and setup your equipment at no additional charge. I will prioritize and schedule your work accordingly.

Basic Services

Managed Services

If you cannot find a service that suits your needs, please contact me. I would like to help or direct you to a partner that can.

*Prices are strictly a guide and do not include any applicable discounts or taxes. Additional travel charges may apply. Additional charges or hardware purchases may be required to complete your solution.


Please take a moment to fill out this form. Accuracy and details will allow me to better prioritize your request. Do NOT include any sensitive or confidential information (user names, passwords).


How can I help?

How urgent is your inquiry?

Please provide additional details:

Mailing Address

P.O.Box 331
Frankford, Ontario
Canada, K0K 2C0

Business Hours

9:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

Remote Support Request

First, contact me to book an appointment.
Second, prior to our appointment, I will send an email with a link.
Third, the link will confirm you want to allow a remote connection. A download will be initiated for the one-time remote support application.

Account Management

Pay Invoices, Review Estimates, Proposals & Projects
Manage Remote Desktop Access
To Review RMM Inventory, Reports & Trouble Tickets
*You must have an existing account. Contact me for details.

Terms & Conditions

● I will not be held responsible for damages to client systems, peripherals, lost or corrupt data due to failing components or client neglect.
● Warranty and liability on service(s) performed or offered by me is limited to the cost of service as invoiced.
● I will not be held responsible for lost productivity, profits or data due to system failure.
● Although management and maintenance can reduce downtime, up time cannot be guaranteed.
● All software must be properly licensed.
● Additional vendor support must be in place for specialty software suites and hardware.
● All invoices are considered due upon receipt.
● At my discretion, any items provided by clients will remain my property until outstanding balances are paid in full.
● Any item(s) left in my possession for more than 60 days may be claimed and disposed of or sold to recover service costs.
● Unless otherwise stated, subscription services are a minimum of six month commitment.
● Service agreement(s) cover pre-arranged sites and/or maintained systems only.
● 30 days notice is required for agreement termination.
● A discount is not offered when opting out of a component of a managed service.
● Applicable taxes extra.
● Client agrees to licenses and policies of products and services used/provided.
● Pre-Paid Service (retainer) expires after 24 months.
● Services are not support by all hardware and operating systems.
● Additional hardware cost(s) may be required to deploy a service.

Partners & Solutions

● FreshBooks  ● Avast  ● Barracuda  ● Splashtop  ● Ninite  ● Bitwarden  ● Sync  ● No-IP  ● KOS  ● Recovery Force  ● Google  ● Facebook  ● MailChimp  ● Phone Works  ● TDL Canada

Privacy Policy

I take steps to ensure privacy principles and requirements, with respect to personal information under applicable Canadian privacy legislation, are met. The purpose of this statement is to inform my clients and other individuals how I collect, use, disclose and protect your personal information.
Personal information means any information that may be used to identify an individual, including, but not limited to, a first and last name, a physical address, financial information and opinions expressed by an individual. "Personal information" does not include the name, title, business address or telephone number of an employee of an organization.
I, as well as my representatives, collect personal information in a number of circumstances in the course of providing services to clients.
Personal information I collect may include: Name, address, telephone number, email address and other contact information. I may collect other information with consent or as permitted or required by law.
I use this collected information to provide information technology services, accurately bill for those services and support my services.
My website ( collects non-personal information such as your network location (IP address), the pages you visit, time of visit, your operating system and browser, in order to generate website traffic reports.
My website may include forms where you can voluntarily provide personal contact information so that I may follow up with you.
I will not sell or distribute your personal information to third parties, unless specifically authorized by you or as required by law.
I reserve the right to change this policy from time to time. Review my Privacy Policy periodically to be aware of such modifications.

Partners & Solutions

● FreshBooks  ● Avast  ● Barracuda  ● Splashtop  ● Ninite  ● Bitwarden  ● Sync  ● No-IP  ● KOS  ● Recovery Force  ● Google  ● Facebook  ● MailChimp  ● Phone Works  ● OT Group  ● TDL Canada

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